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How do I upload a file?
How do I upload a file?

Turn your audio, video, or document into a content suite in minutes.

Updated over a week ago

Deciphr makes it simple to turn your audio, video, or document into a comprehensive content suite. Follow these easy steps to upload and process your files:

  1. Start from the dashboard or library: Click ‘Upload File’. This action will lead you to the upload window.

  2. Choose your file: You have two options:

    1. Drag and drop your file directly into the provided space.

    2. Alternatively, click on ‘Choose File’ to select from your device.

  3. Trim your content: If you only want a specific segment of your audio to be processed, you can easily trim it. This ensures Deciphr AI generates content only from your chosen portion.

  4. Identify the speakers: The system has slots for two speakers by default.

    1. If there's only one speaker, click the x button.

    2. For more than two speakers, click ‘Add New’ and input their names accordingly.

  5. Wait for the upload: After adding speaker names, you'll move to the processing window. Ensure you keep the tab open until the upload completes.

  6. Allow Deciphr to work its magic: Deciphr AI will generate a full content suite from your file in under 7 minutes. As it does so, feel free to navigate away from the page—but make sure not to close the tab.

  7. Access your content: After processing, you'll be directed to your content suite. If this doesn't happen automatically, simply visit your library to find your Deciphr-ed file.

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